Divorced from or lost Japanese spouse.


You must report it to the Immigration within 2 weeks and change your status of residence to another status.


For example, if you do not do the original activities for more than 3 months in Student VISA or Work VISA, your qualification may be revoked.

However, The qualifications such as Spouses of Japanese Nationals, it is not immediately canceled just because the qualification applicability is no longer applicable. You can continue to live in Japan legally until the period of stay comes. if you do not do the activities of spouse more than 6 months, it might be revoked.

also, If you want to stay in Japan more than the period of stay, you have to change the VISA.

and the immigration recommend change your status as soon as possible.


So which VISA should you apply?

If you have enough educations or skill, you could change your VISA to Work VISA.

But there are other VISA,  no need any educations, no need experiences.


Long-term resident (not noticed)

Long-term resident VISA is only allowed in special circumstances.


Required Conditions

You have children with the Japanese spouse.

If you have parental authority. The rate of obtaining the visa would be high


You don’t have children with the Japanese spouse.

・It is necessary to have a marriage period of at least 3 years.

・There is a enough income to live in Japan in the future.

・Have the ability to speak Japanese so that they are not inconvenient to live in Japan.

・Have fulfilled public obligations.



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