What should you do when you temporarily go back to your country.


The procedures vary depending on the period of departure.


Re-enter Japan within 1 years

You can use the Special Re-entry System

Present your residence card and passport upon departure. you would be permitted Special Re-entry . If you wish to re-enter Japan with Special Re-entry system, check ‘the re-entry permit’  on your immigration card when you leave Japan. If you forget to do it, a hole will be made in the residence card and it will be invalidated. Re-entry is allowed for one year. ( for special permanent residents for 2 years. )

There is no need for any procedures to re-enter Japan by this system.


Outside Japan for over 1 years.

You must apply for Re-entry permission. Re-entry permit applications could be valid for up to 5 years (6 years for special permanent residents). Some re-entry permits are valid only once, while some are valid within the period of validity.


required documents for Re-entry permission are the application form, residence card, and passport. For multiple permission, you may prepare materials that could prove your reason for reentering Japan several times.


When you do not apply for the re-entry permission

Your status of residence will disappear at the time of departure even if the expiration date of your residence card remains. In that case, you have to re-enter Japan by applying for a Certificate of Eligibility.


The period of stay expires while you are leaving Japan .

You need to apply for a certificate of eligibility again. However if you are unable to re-entry Japan because of the covid-19, the procedure will be much easier than usual.


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