When you lost your residence card.


Technically you must always carry your residence card while you are in Japan. In addition, personal information is written on the residence card, so it may be abused if you lose it.


What you should do is different between the case of lost it in Japan and in overseas countries.


When you lost it in Japan

Go to the police station as soon as possible.

If you lose your residence card, they will issue a certificate of lost property notification.

If your residence card is stolen, they will issue a certificate of theft notification.


Go to immigration

Show the lost property notification certificate or the theft notification certificate to the immigration, they will issue a new residence card.


What you need to be issued new residence card.

Application for reissue of residence card

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Lost notification certificate or theft notification certificate


※Must go to immigration within 14 days of lost.

※If you do not have a residence card, carry your passport instead.  This is because it is necessary when the police are asked to present it.


When you lost it overseas


Go to police station

Just like if you lost it in Japan, go to the police and have the certificate issued.

If you have received a re-entry permit, you can enter Japan without a residence card.

However, when you will be issued new resident card. the certificate will be necessary. so you must report it to the police anyway.


Go to immigration

Show the lost certificate or the theft certificate to the immigration. They will issue the new resident card.

What you need is

Application for reissue of residence card

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Certificate issued by overseas police

※If it is not Japanese, please translate it into Japanese.



Application for certification of the re-entry permit deadline


When you fly abroad, you may be asked to show your residence card.

You can issue a certificate from the immigration instead of the residence card which called ‘certification of the re-entry permit deadline’

This is the proof that you are allowed to enter Japan.


Prepare the necessary documents.

You could ask the person in Japan to write application form. But there are some documents that you need to prepare in overseas.

・ “Lost certificate” and “Theft certificate” issued by the police

・ If you ask a person other than your family, a letter of attorney


The immigration will issue  “re-entry permit deadline certificate”, Ask your family or someone to send it to you.

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