Naturalization (Get the Japanese citizenship)


Naturalization is the legal act or process by which a foreigner may acquire nationality of Japan.

The difference from permanent residence is that permanent residence does not acquire Japanese nationality, which means the foreigner who has permanent residence could live permanently in Japan while having the nationality of your home country,

but if you naturalize in Japan, you will be allowed only one nationality in Japan.

The procedure of naturalization is more strict than permanent residence.


There are some benefits of naturalization below

(1) You can obtain a Japanese family register(戸籍)

(2) You can have a Japanese name

(3) You can get a Japanese passport

(4) You can get a voting right of Japan

(5) You could be treated the same as Japanese people in terms of social security

(6) You can take loans

(7) You can choose any jobs as Japanese people

(8) You don’t have to renew your VISA.



  • Continue to live in Japan for more than 5 years.

・ Must be over 20 years old or older and have ability to act under Japanese law.

・ The behavior and conduct is good.

・ Must be able to lead an economically stable life

・ Losing your nationality by having a Japanese nationality

・ Not attempting to destroy the government through violence.

  • must be able to read and write Japanese with the same level as the lower grades of elementary school.


Flow of procedure

1.make a reservation with the Legal Affairs Bureau and consult with the staff.

they make you explain your living situation and past work history in detail.

then they will show you the documents necessary for the application.


2.When you have collected the documents, make a reservation again.

the Legal Affairs Bureau will confirm your documents.


3. if the documents are not any problem, prepare an application form.


4. Book again. go to the Legal Affairs Bureau counter and apply with a set of application documents.


5. Approximately 2 to 3 months later, the Legal Affairs Bureau contacts you. they give you a date and time of the interview.


  1. interview several times. (the number of times depend on the person and the situation)


  1. 6months to 12 months after interview (term depends on the person and the situation)

you get the result.


9. When naturalization is allowed, it is published in the Official Gazette. The Legal Affairs Bureau will notify you directly.



10. You will appear at the Legal Affairs Bureau on the specified date to receive a naturalization permit notice and ID.



11. Within 14 days, you have to return your alien registration certificate to the municipal office. Within one month, you will turn in a naturalization report with ID which Legal Affairs Bureau gave you,

your Japanese family register will be organized.



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